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Continental slick race tires offer high durability for the ultimate racing and track day performance. Designed for sportsbikes to give greater braking stability, precise turn-in and noticeably better corner exit traction.
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ContiAttack-SM-EVO ContiAttack SM EVO

These specially designed tires have a BlackChili mixture specifically formulated for Supermoto riders in mind. With lower temperature requirements for optimal grip, a lighter weight carcass for less centrifugal forces counteracting your leans, accelerations, and braking, these tires will deliver maximum performance on every ride, while still offering great mileage.

Our Price: $151.00
ContiRaceAttack 2 Street ContiRaceAttack 2 Street

The new ContiRaceAttack 2 Street tire brings track performance to the streets. Whether it be a track day or some spirited back road sessions, its 0° belt construction, grip limit feedback, and BlackChili compound, will be sure to inspire confidence at every corner.

Our Price: $152.00
Continental_ContiTrack_Slick Continental ContiTrack Slick

Prepare yourself for the Ultimate Track Day Experience with the ContiTrack Soft/Medium slicks! Boasting insane grip levels paired together with unmatched longevity, these tires will give you the absolute best in value and performance!

Our Price: $161.00
ContiRaceAttack ContiRaceAttack

  • High performance race tire available in various compounds for the perfect adaption to different conditions.
  • MultiGrip Technology ensures high mileage, for endurance racing or track days.
  • Street legal use up to 270 km/h (169 mph).

Our Price: $161.00
ContiRaceAttack 2 ContiRaceAttack 2

These DOT homologated race tires are made with the revolutionary BlackChili Race Compound, allowing for a fast warm-up and consistently high grip. With a ZeroDegree construction, it provides higher stability when braking into and accelerating out of corners, while also giving the rider excellent grip limit feedback for more predictability.

Our Price: $161.00
ContiRaceAttack_Rain ContiRaceAttack Rain

The ContiRaceAttack Rain will give you exceptional grip in the most extreme track conditions. Stay confident at every turn with Continentals rain tires.

Our Price: $164.00
ContiRoadAttack_3_CR ContiRoadAttack 3 CR

Continental brings modern technology to Classic motorcycles with the newest iteration of the previous benchmark tire in the Classic and Vintage Race scene, the ContiRoadAttack 2 CR (Classic Race). The new and improved ContiRoadAttack 3 CR's brings even MORE grip and control than it's massively reputed and most demanded predecessor.

Our Price: $175.10