We are proud to be selling some of the best race tires in the industry! We are confident in not only selling such a high quality race tire, but running and pushing them to limits as well. You too can experience the same confidence on or off the track with Continentals Hyper-Performance Race Tires. Since we started selling Continental tires 2 years ago, our customers have not only loved and praised the performance and feel of these spectacular slicks, but also their ability to help them push their bike that much harder. Many of our riders have been able to beat their personal records, and even break some track records in the process! Thanks to Continentals GripLimitFeedback Technology translating consistent information to the rider before reaching critical stages at high lean angles, riders have been able to push their bike that much further than they previously thought possible and still keep their confidence. Try out a set of ContiRaceAttack Slicks on your next track day, and experience the same pleasure our riders have fallen in love with!